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Mavrik Dental Systems

MavGuard® Gingival Guard (pack of 10)

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Arch Size
  • Maxillary - Small Regular
  • Maxillary - Medium
  • Mandibular - Small Regular
  • Mandibular - Medium

MavGuard® gingival guards can help streamline patient preparation for the TheraSmile® Whitening treatment. As part of Mavrik’s innovative approach to improving the entire in-office whitening experience, MavGuard replaces traditional gingival protection with a flexible, single-use MavGuard that slips between teeth and holds in place.

Made of soft and flexible self-gripping silicone, MavGuard comes in small and medium sizes and are precut for alveolar maxillary and mandibular dental arches. Each guard fits snugly over and in-between teeth to provide the most comprehensive and convenient gingiva protection available. 

MavGuard® Gingival Guard (pack of 10)